There are several species of Dolphin,which have been sighted off the Irish coast.Common Bottlenose Dolphin,Striped Dolphin,Short –beaked Common Dolphin,White-beaked Dolphin,Atlantic Whitesided Dolphin,and Risso’s Dolphin.
The Whales and Dolphins of Courtmacsherry Bay and West Cork.

The Irish Government declared the coastal waters of Ireland a Whale and Dolphin sanctuary during the early 1990’s,The first of its kind in Europe.Since then it is one of the must do’s when visiting the south west coast of Ireland.Our coastal waters are a summer feeding ground for a number of whale species and a year round home for several resident Dolphin species including the harbour Porpoise.

Baleen whales commonly seen off the south west coast include Fin and Minke whales,with intermittent sightings of Humpback ,Killer,and Pilot whales which makes Whale watching in Ireland,the best whale watching in Europe.